How To Cancel Cleo Plus

Cleo Plus is a subscription service that offers its users a range of benefits, including exclusive access to events, priority booking and more. However, if you no longer wish to use Cleo Plus, or have decided to cancel your subscription, this guide will show you how to do just that.

How To Cancel Cleo Plus

Cleo Plus is a subscription-based service that allows users to listen to their favorite music and radio stations without ads. To cancel your Cleo Plus subscription, you’ll need to follow these steps: 1. Go to the Cleo website and sign in using the email address and password you used to create your account. 2. Click on the “My Account” tab at the top of the page. 3. Scroll down to the “Cancel

To cancel Cleo Plus, you will need to provide the company with your name, address, date of birth, and Cleo account number. You can either call the company’s customer service line or send an email to [email protected]

  • Enter your password and click on ‘cancel subscription’
  • Select ‘cancel subscription’
  • Click on ‘my account’ in the top right corner
  • Login to your cleo account

1. Cancelling your CLEO Plus subscription is easy! 2. Just login to your account and click on the “Cancel Subscription” link. 3. You will be asked to confirm your cancellation. 4. Once cancelled, you will no longer have access to CLEO Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cleo Free?

Cleo is not free. Cleo charges a subscription fee for its services.

How Long Do You Have To Pay Cleo Back?

There is no set answer for this question, as the amount of time you have to pay Cleo back will depend on the loan agreement you have with them. Generally, you will have to pay Cleo back in full within a certain number of months or years. Be sure to read your loan agreement carefully to understand your payment schedule.

Can I Cancel Cleo Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Cleo anytime. Cancelling your Cleo account is easy and can be done either through the Cleo app or on our website.

What Happens If You Dont Pay Cleo Back?

If you don’t repay Cleo, they may take legal action.

How Do I Unlink My Bank Account?

In order to unlink your bank account from PayPal, you will need to login to your PayPal account and go to the “Profile” tab. Under “Financial Information” you will see a section called “Bank Accounts”. Click on the “Remove” link next to the bank account you wish to unlink.

How Much Is Cleo Plus Subscription?

Cleo Plus is an online subscription service that offers access to a variety of magazines, books, and other content. The price for Cleo Plus varies depending on the country. In the United States, the price is $9.99 per month.

How Much Does Cleo Cost?

Cleo is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to help you manage your money. It’s free to use.

How Do I Stop Cleo From Taking Money?

There are a few things you can do to stop Cleo from taking money. One option is to put your money in a safe place that she can’t reach, like a locked drawer or a bank account. You can also try training Cleo not to take money by scolding her when she does and rewarding her when she doesn’t. Finally, you could try using a behavior modification technique like positive reinforcement to get her to stop taking money.

How Do I Remove My Bank From Cleo?

There is no one definitive way to remove your bank from Cleo. Each bank may have their own specific process or instructions for how to remove your account from their system. You will likely need to contact your bank directly to inquire about how to remove your account from their system.

What Is Cleo Plus?

Cleo Plus is a mobile app that helps users stay connected with their credit score and credit report. Cleo Plus also offers tips and tools to help users improve their credit score and credit history.

Does Cleo Have A Monthly Fee?

No, Cleo does not have a monthly fee.

How Much Does Cleo Plus Cost?

Cleo Plus is a Canadian company that offers a monthly subscription service for $5 per month. The service includes unlimited access to a library of eBooks and audiobooks, as well as a number of other benefits.


To cancel Cleo Plus, you will need to contact the customer service department by phone or email. Be sure to have your account information ready when you contact them.

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