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Purchasing and selling a house is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make in a lifetime. This is a major purchase for anyone, no matter what the economic status. There should be careful thought put into buying homes since this can affect your credit score and your finances in the future.

buying a house or selling a house

If you are considering purchasing a home in US, here’s a quick guide to help you in the process:

Your budget. This is the first thing to consider when you’re making any financial decision. Know how much you can afford and how much mortgage you qualify for. This number will be a good basis for your purchase.

Your needs. You don’t need a lavish five-bedroom home if you’re still a young couple. However, every family is different. You may prefer having a townhouse or even a condo. Make a list of the things you need in a home for your family.

Buy at the right time. There is such a thing as right timing in home purchasing in US. The seller’s market is usually around March and April since this is the time when families move to find nearer homes to school districts.

• Find a good agent. Throughout the process, you need an agent to assist you and take into consideration your apprehensions. He/she can help you in seeing through with your purchase to get the home that you want.…

A great deal of time, hard work, and money is often required for staging your home for sale, and if you’re still leaving in your home during open houses and scheduled walk-throughs, the stress of keeping it looking its absolute best at all times can quickly make you feel as though you’re living on a movie set. It is in times like these that it’s of the greatest importance to view your home as though you are the one considering buying it; try your best to see it through a home-buyer’s eyes. A home buyer wants to see signs of maintenance and care – they want to see clean floors, ceilings without water spots, freshly-painted walls and woodwork, and so much more. In short, they want to be sure they aren’t buying someone else’s problems. There will always be small things to upgrade and tend to here and there; no home is perfect as is. But your goal should be to present a home that looks move-in ready from a maintenance perspective, as well as a home that is large enough to live in comfortably without clutter. Granted, if your home is 1,000 square feet and a prospective buyer needs 2,500 square feet, your home isn’t the best fit for them! However, for those that are in the market for a home that is roughly the size of yours, they can find confidence that they will have enough room if they can see that you have enough room. How to accomplish that goal? Make sure your home is clutter-free, cozy, and has clean, well-organized closets!

home closet

Our first recommendation when staging your home is to invest in storage for items that you aren’t currently using, such as out-of-season items to include clothing, decorations, and maintenance tools, such as garden rakes, shovels, sleds, and such. If you have very few belongings to begin with, this step may not be necessary, but if like most of us you have your fair share of clutter, it’s best to store it away now so it doesn’t detract from the spaciousness of your home. This is in part creating an illusion of more space than you might actually have, but illusions usually work! We will caution you not to go overboard, however. Ensure that you leave enough items in your home that it still has a ‘lived-in’ look. People can more easily imagine themselves living somewhere when someone is already living there. They can see their kitchen table where yours is, their couch where yours is, and their clothes where yours are. And that is why a clean closet is a must! Closet space can make or break a deal for many buyers, and if it looks like you don’t have enough space for all your things, they can assume that they won’t either.

You will need to keep some clothes and accessories in your closet, and that is a perfectly fine thing to do. As we mentioned above, people will be opening that closet door, and if they see that you have plenty of closet space with your things neatly organized, they can more readily imagine their own things in there than they might be able to if they opened an empty closet. While kitchen and bathroom upgrades are an important part of preparing your home for sale, closet upgrades can also help you earn top dollar for your listing. When you are preparing your home for sale, it is important to invest in home updates that you will see a return on, and if you’ve ever watched House Hunters you understand exactly how important it is for people to have enough closet space! Investing in a luxurious wood closet or Rubbermaid closet system can make a huge difference. Potential buyers are making a mental tally of all the little things that separate one house from another, and all the little things that will make living in each home more enjoyable and comfortable. You likely remember all the little details from the homes you toured before deciding on the one you’re selling and/or buying now, so you know that the difference between choosing one over another can and often does come down to the finer points. If I was on the fence between 2 homes I loved and one had an overstuffed closet with no organization while the other had a fresh, functional closet system built in, I know which one I’d choose!…