Home Improvement

It seems as though it’s hard to believe every year. For as seemingly endless as winter can feel in many parts of the country, summer flies by faster than you can say ‘don’t forget the sunblock!’ And then, the advertisements start to flood into newspapers. Commercials take over the television. Store-front signs remind you at every turn. Yes, it is that season that stretches parents’ pocketbooks to the brink of breaking and leaves kids stuck in a mix of being sad that summer is almost over, but excited to see their friends and get new things. It is…Back to School time. And it’s almost here!

While kids can float through summer wearing just about whatever they find on their bedroom floor, when the time comes to head back to class, it is also time to clean up their wardrobe act. Popsicle-stained tees and torn shorts aren’t going to pass dress code in most schools, and your kids probably wouldn’t want to wear them to class even if they could. But when I think back on hurried school mornings of my youth, and remember the times I had to throw on something seriously less than stylish because my choices were to find what I really wanted to wear or actually catch the bus, I am struck by how much some simple closet organization would have made my mornings better. Don’t let your kids make the same mistakes I did! Help them get their get their closets back to school ready!

One of the fastest, most affordable ways to turn a closet from cluttered to an organized dream is with Rubbermaid closet systems. At Home Storage Inc. we offer a wide array of Rubbermaid closet organizers to suit everyone’s unique space and wardrobe needs. We can’t promise a closet organizer will keep your kids clothes off the floor 100% of the time, but speaking from personal experience I can say that once I had a system in place that worked for me – as opposed to a single hanging bar – my closet never went back to the way it once was.

Once you have decided which system is right for you or your children, and the closet organizer is in place, help your son or daughter decide how they will make the most of it. They may already have ideas in mind, so hear those out and offer feedback. Perhaps they’ll designate space at the beginning of the week for everything they plan to wear over the next 5 days. This will ensure it’s all right at their fingertips so they don’t forget anything or misplace anything when they need it most. Or, if they’re sports players, they might dedicate some space just for sports necessities – socks, shorts, tees, headbands, etc. These little things can be tricky to find in a rush, but forgetting them can make for very uncomfortable practices or games, or not being able to play at all. An organized closet helps make everything easy to grab while also making it obvious if something is missing.…