The Power of Pictures in Organizing Your Closet

We are all familiar with the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but when pictures are used in your closet, they can be worth a thousand minutes! To be fair, we haven’t figured out the exact number of minutes pictures can save you each day, but we’re confident that once you realize how simple this organizing step truly is, you’ll gladly take any extra minutes you can get – especially since pictures can cut down on not only time, but plenty of frustration as well.

Many of us use baskets and boxes in our closets to keep smaller things from falling about, such as scarves, gloves, wallets, lingerie and shoes. These boxes not only tidy up our space, but also protect the items inside from dust, dirt and damage. The only problem? Trying to remember which items are in which boxes or baskets when it comes time to retrieve them! This is where pictures can play an important role in helping you find what you’re looking for fast; they also add a fun flash of color and interest to your closet, so it’s a win-win.

I don’t remember if I first came across this tip on a television show or in a home décor magazine, but to see it in action is truly a thing of beauty. All you have to do is take a quick snapshot of what will live inside the box before putting it in, pack away the contents, and clip the picture to the outside. That’s it! If you have a Polaroid camera, you won’t even have to print, and it lends a certain nostalgic quality that I personally adore. If a box will contain more general items, such as all your gloves, you can save some time by writing the word ‘gloves’ on a note card and pinning that to the outside of the box or basket. The idea is to end up with a better organized closet that saves you time and looks great doing it, so whatever way makes the most sense for you, your space and your style is the right way!

Not sure how to attach the pictures? Some options include:

- For baskets or boxes with openings, you can punch a tiny hole in the picture, run a pretty ribbon or piece of twine through, and tie it to the box through the opening.

- Tape! These likely won’t be pictures you’ll be concerned about preserving, so a simple piece of tape on the back should work fine, as long as it won’t damage the container itself, which depends upon the materials you work with.

- One of my favorites lends a cottage-y vibe to the closet – a clothespin. This works well for open containers, such as rattan baskets. Simply clip the picture or note card to the basket, and you’ve got a serious side of shabby chic with your amazing closet organization!