Closet Systems Make a Marvelous Mother’s Day Gift!

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that she’ll really love this year? Something beyond the obvious choices of chocolates and flowers, as wonderful as those things are, too? We admittedly may be just a bit biased, but we think that most women would be nothing short of thrilled with a new closet system! Imagine the gift of organization – the gift of peaceful mornings – the gift of being able to find exactly what she’s looking for every time, every day. A closet system may be a bit of a non-traditional gift, but it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving!

At, we offer closet organizing systems that work well for closets of all sizes, and wardrobes of all types. Perhaps your mother or wife doesn’t splurge on lots of clothes, but needs more space for shoes and jewelry? A custom closet system will ensure she has exactly what works best for her needs to keep her clothing and accessories tidy and protected. Not confident you can design her dream closet without her input? We don’t blame you one bit! A closet system is an important investment, and getting it exactly right without help from the person who will be using it would be a tough task to say the least. We recommend using an innovative way to let her know a new closet is on the horizon so she can customize to her specifications and enjoy the process along the way. Not sure how to let her know? Here are a few fun ideas…

1. Buy her a gift that will go inside the closet, such as a new top, pair of shoes or handbag. She’ll open this and think the gift is complete, until you ask her to read the little note you’ve left inside. You can be clever in your wording, or get straight to the point with something like, “Hope this looks amazing in the new closet you’ll be getting soon!”

2. Go shopping together to a home improvement store and strike up a conversation about the closet systems or accessories on display. Wait for her to say something about how she’d love to have this or that for herself and say, “This? You want this? This is nothing compared to the beautiful closet system I’ll be getting for you! Oops, did I just say that? Wink, wink!”

3. Purposely muss up her closet a bit, and wait for the, “What happened in here?!” Take that as your cue to step in the room and say, “Sorry, I just wanted to see it at its worst before I see it at its best . Care to help build your dream closet, on me?”

However you let her know, she’ll know the most important thing of all – that you love her and want her to have a Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Every Day!