Some of Our Top Tips for Keeping Your Closet Clean and Working for You

We sometimes lose sight of the fact that the things we use every day should ideally enhance our lives. Sure, sometimes we will love something despite its impracticality, such as a beautiful handbag that we can never find our keys in. But overall, we should strive to streamline our lives whenever possible with the many methods and products that have been created to do just that. Nothing will work for everyone, but there are steps we can adapt to suit our needs that can create volumes of difference in how we operate, how we feel, and what we can accomplish.

The closet may be just one aspect of our homes and lives, but what we have learned over the years is that it is usually a very telling space. Closets keep no secrets, letting anyone who opens their doors see all your dirty laundry (literally!). But it isn’t just dirty laundry; it is also clean laundry, crumpled laundry, torn laundry, too-tight laundry, too-loose laundry, and so forth. Closets like this, even when built with the best of closet organizing systems as a foundation, do nothing to help us feel good about our clothes and ourselves. They are an overwhelming encounter in the morning, and can hold us up and hold us back. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick and easy list to help you bring calm and function to your closet – in short, to make your closet work for you, as it should.

  • Clear out the entire closet and ready the full-length mirror. Create enough space to easily try on any clothes you aren’t sure of, allowing room to turn around, move around, and generally see yourself from all angles.
  • Once the room is ready, you can neatly put the items you are sure of back into the closet. These items will include pieces that: are in season, fit well, are clean, require no tailoring, you are certain you want to keep. Essentially, these are the pieces that are ready-to-wear as they are.
  • Now that all the clear winners are back where they belong, get ready to create a few piles. We love piles at Home Storage Inc., so you’ll find piles mentioned in quite a few of our posts! These piles will vary by the individual, with popular possibilities including: clothes that need laundering, clothes that need dry cleaning, clothes that are out-of-season, clothes that need tailoring and clothes that don’t fit.
  • Next, tackle the piles. Clothes that need laundering is easy – put them in the hamper! For clothes that need dry cleaning, put them in a bag or basket and carry it to your car. No more forgetting them at home, no more putting it off until another day. As soon as you will next be passing the dry cleaner, you can pull right in and drop them off. Clothes that are out-of-season can be laundered if necessary before packing away (never store clothes dirty; it can lead to stains and tough odors and attract bugs and critters), or if clean, simply packed away in containers or spare room closets. Clothes that need tailoring should be treated similarly to clothes that need dry cleaning. Take them to your car, and the next time you are passing the tailor and have some time to spare, you can stop in and have them mended or altered. Think of how great it will feel to get them back! For clothes that don’t fit, see the next bullet point.
  • There are very few among us that don’t have at least a few articles of clothing that don’t fit well, whether the fit is just off overall, or they are generally too big or too small. There is no time like the closet-organizing present to decide if these clothes will ever realistically work. Will we have those that are too big taken in at the tailor; is it worth it to us, do we like them enough? How small are the clothes that are too small, and will we ever realistically fit in that size again? And even if we are confident that they will fit again, how long will it take to achieve that goal, and will we even want to wear them when they do fit? Get real with yourself – be honest. Don’t toss something you love just to make space if you’re only a few pounds away from it fitting, but don’t keep it just to keep it, either.

These are your clothes, and this is your closet. Both should make you feel good about yourself and enhance your life and lifestyle. That will be much easier when you can open the doors and know that everything inside is clean, in season, and fits your body and your style. No more getting dressed only to realize the zipper is broken, or its 80 degrees out and you’ve accidentally worn wool pants in your hurry. Imagine all the precious moments you can save in the morning, and all the frustration and negative thoughts you can avoid!