5 Tips for Cutting Back on the Clutter

Clutter is a nightmare. Pure and simple. Besides taking up valuable space, clutter can leave us feeling stressed out and frustrated. Now is the time to take control. Before spring cleaning season gets into full swing, you can make your home feel much more organized by cutting through the clutter. Not sure where to begin? How about with these 10 tips for cutting through the clutter?

1. Make the time. Most people suffer through the clutter because they don’t make time to clear it out. Start out by setting aside a few minutes a day to clean up the clutter. Or, if you prefer, take a whole day. Either way, start making the change by making time.

2. Schedule regular de-cluttering sessions. Make it a habit to clear the clutter before you go to bed, before you go to work, etc. See if you can schedule time every day (or every other day) around the same time so it becomes habit.

3. If it’s gathering dust, consider it’s place in your home. If your clutter is mostly knick knacks or things that have never been used, really take a closer look at whether or not it actually belongs in your home. If it’s new but won’t be used, consider selling it or donating it. If it’s used and won’t be used, donate, sell, or toss (depending on the item’s condition).

4. Simplify. By bringing your lifestyle back to basics, you reduce your chance of accumulating clutter and instead, spend more of your time enjoying what you already have.

5. Limit your addition of new items. Love to shop? Cut back on the trips to the mall and instead save up for an experience, like a vacation or a spa day. Either way, you’ll still get to have some fun – just without adding more clutter to the pile.

Once you’ve cut through the clutter, you can feel free to start using closet organizers, garage organizers, and other essentials to get your home in order. But before you can mount your first storage shelf, you need to get rid of the junk. Set aside some time in the next few weeks and get it done 🙂