Spring Cleaning Begins with Creating Categories!

If there is one type of television show that I will watch without fail, every time I see it peeking back at me from the guide, it is that most interesting of all reality programs – the clutter show. The clutter shows are available in many varieties, with some featuring people who simply have a few too many sweaters and Christmas decorations, and others who have built mountains of memorabilia and tons of trash into a true fire hazard and impediment to a functional home. All of them interest me! And I learn a lot from all of them as well – lessons I can take into my own life and share with others who are looking for some help with home organization.

The biggest and best lesson of all is also the simplest and most satisfying, and that is to create categories when deciding what to keep and what to toss, donate or sell. Of course you can feel free to dispose of any definite toss items along the way as you create categories, such as garbage or broken items not worth repairing, but the rest can go into piles of ‘like items’. I first saw this tactic in action on the past TV show Clean Sweep – my favorite of all the clutter shows – and I was impressed with how well it seemed to work for everyone on the show.

Creating categories is simple, as you can further streamline them as you go along. In the beginning, you can keep clothes with clothes, shoes with shoes, candles with candles, etc. Whatever you have a lot of, whether it’s lotions and perfumes or pens and notepads, keeping it all together in a common pile will help you to pare it down to what matters most, and what you truly need. You’re likely to be surprised by how many of certain items you have, and seeing them all together makes it easier to choose your favorites and get rid of the rest!

If one category becomes overwhelming in size or scope, break it out further into smaller categories. Clothes can become piles of shirts, shorts and pants, or separated into seasons if that makes more sense for you. If you have a large quantity of handbags, for example, you might want to separate those into clutches, tote bags, and so forth, before deciding how many of each to keep. Keep paring down until you’re confident that you have reached a reasonable amount of items for your life and your home, and then get to organizing!

Clearing the clutter before you invest in closet organizing systems and/or garage organizing cabinets helps you decide which system will truly work best for you and your requirements. You don’t want to dedicate time and money to holding onto things that don’t matter to you when you can create a custom organizing system that matches your needs perfectly! Plus, donating items feels good for the soul, and selling them feels good for the wallet. Either way, it’s a win! And once your home is full of only the things that you use, value and treasure, it will also feel really good to treat them properly by organizing them smartly with home organization solutions. 🙂